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What are Some of the Best Movies for Children? – Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

You probably came to this article because you are frustrated that a lot of the movies today are raunchy and not really appropriate to show kids. I best you want to know what are some of the best movies for children.

I bet you are looking for a couple fun movies to watch. These two movies are some of my favorite Pixar movies. Finding Nemo and Finding Dory have to be on the top of the list for some of the greatest movies Pixar has ever made.

Did you know that before Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, the sequel to Finding Nemo was going to be drastically different than Finding Dory. Since Pixar was not under Disney’s umbrella back then, the storyline of Finding Nemo 2 was going to have Merlin as the one captured. Nemo and Dory were supposed to find him.

Disney launched a subsidiary to pioneer sequels of Pixar films. Circle 7 animation was launched in 2004, but this was short lived and was shut down 2 years later.

I thought that would be an interesting tidbit of information that you would like to know.

These sets of movies are sure to turn into classics one day. One of the famous quotes I remember from these movies is when Dory says ‘just keep swimming’.

Finding Nemo


Merlin is an overprotective father to his son Nemo, who was born with a short fin. One day, Nemo

Best Movies for Children

decided to venture out on his own, as a sign of defiance against his father, toward a speed boat, but got captured by a scuba diver. Nemo then lands in a dentist tank in Sydney.

Of course, Marlin is freaking out and swims after the boat to find Nemo. This is when the adventure begins. Marlin encounters dangers and friends along the way. One of these friends is the happy go lucky fish, Dory, who is the main character in the successful sequel.

I don’t want to reveal any more information about this great movie. No one likes that guy who spoils the movie.


I give this movie a 10 out of 10. I am sure that people will not be disappointed by this movie. It proved successful at the box office by netting a gross of $871 Million, out of a budget of $94 Million.

To read more about Finding Nemo, go to their wikipedia page.

Stay tuned and read the following about Finding Dory, which may in fact be a bit better than the original in my opinion.

Finding Dory


This is the long awaited sequel that we have been waiting for. Dory suffers from short term memory loss, and wanders away from her parents at a young age. While playing with her parents, Dory gets sucked in

Best Movies for Childrenthrough a pipe by a current from a school of passing fish and gets thrown into the ocean.

Fast forward to today, and Dory is living with Marlin and Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef. Dory is then prompted to find her family, when she is helping in Nemo’s class. After searching the whole ocean, Dory finds herself at a fish Rehabilitation Center, where she encounters friends and allies.

Will Dory find her parents? Or is all hope lost? Find out by watching this exciting movie.


It seems like Pixar keeps topping itself by making better movies than the ones before. This movie is proof of that. It made $1.029 billion at the box office and was a big success when it came out in 2016.

It became the highest grossing animated film in North America and the third highest grossing film in 2016 behind Captain America and Rogue One, two Disney films. It was also the first Pixar film to pass $1 billion behind Toy Story 3.

I give Finding Dory a 10 out of 10. I am sure that you and your family will love this movie. It is definitely within some of my top favorite Pixar movies.

This conclude one of Pixar best series. Will there be a sequel? Time will only tell.


These are by far some of the best movies for children, adults are sure to love them too, like I do.

Thank you for reading my post. Be sure to check out other amazing Disney movies that you can find on my site. I recommend another popular Pixar movie to read about on my blog, The Incredibles.

Be sure to comment on this post below and tell me your thoughts about these movies. What ratings would you give them? Who are your favorite characters?

To find more information about how to get these movies read about the Disney Movie Club, where you can get 4 movies for $1.

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Best Movies for Children

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    Thanks for allowing me to read your post on What are Some of the Best Movies for Children and I adore the Finding Nemo movie but had no idea it bought in gross of $871 Million, out of a budget of $94 Million. The adventure of him being captured by a fishing boat and reunited with his father makes me excited about what adventure Dory will have. You have made this a great topic and I love how you gave the stroy line.
    Best Regard


  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Movies are very important for young children.I have a younger brother I recommend him to watch movies every day.Because young children can learn a lot by watching different types of educational movies from a young age and that benefits their future a lot.Finding Nemo I have seen this movie myself many times and it is a very educational movie I will recommend this movie to my younger brother and after watching it I will share new experiences with you.

  3. My child is in the visual recovery period. We don’t take him to the cinema and basically not allow him to watch TV. The movies you talked about are really suitable for children, and adults will like them too, including me. I’ve seen Finding Nemo. When my baby’s vision is restored, I will watch these classic movies together with him.


  4. Parents love watching movies and they spend a lot of their time watching movies. These movies are family-friendly movies that are fun for families and kids to enjoy watching together. Nemo Finding Movies I love it. After reading your article, I decided that I would watch movies with my children and family. I would like to share your web site with my social media friends as my social media friends can benefit from getting this valuable information from your website.

    • Thank you man and the first word that you wrote was supposed to be ‘parents’ so I changed it, because I assumed it was a typo.

  5. Thank you for writing a beautiful article about children’s movies.There are many types of games available in the market, but there is a dearth of educational games.Children learn from what they see as a child.Finding Nemo may be my child’s favorite movie.This movie has adventure like swimming in the boat in search of Nemo. A friend is the happy go lucky fish, Dory, who is the main character in all the sequels.Finding Nemo Movie Collection for My Kids And share the article with friends so they can collect the movies for their child.Beautiful articles about kids movies I want more from you.

  6. After searching the whole ocean, Dory finds herself at a fish Rehabilitation Center, where she encounters friends and allies. While reading I know that This is the long awaited sequel that we have been waiting for. Dory suffers from short term memory loss, and wanders away from her parents at a young age. Will Dory find her parents? Or is all hope lost?

  7. I have an 8 year-old nephew and a 3 year old niece that I enjoy watching kid movies with. I also have a 15 year old nephew, but he isn’t much into watching these kind of movies anymore. Maybe he will grow out of the teen phase. I agree with you about the raunchy kid movies that really aren’t as kid appropriate as they seem.

    I grew up watching Finding Nemo, I even got to watch it one time at my local aquatic center, while I was in the pool. My favorite part is when Nemo finds Crush, that turtle is just so cool. Surfer turtle, totally tubular. The whole movie is great, the plotline that Merlin has to find his son is sad, but the adventure Nemo gets to live and the friends he makes is priceless and a great model for all kids to Never Stop Swimming.


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