Top Rated Kids Movies

Top Rated Kids Movies – Monsters Inc Franchise

You probably want some wholesome family friendly entertainment. Parents want their best for kids and are looking for some of the best kid appropriate movies. It is hard to trust movie critics today, because they think that in order to have a great movie you need sex, profanity, and drugs.

But, they are wrong. You can have great movies without those things. Disney and Pixar movies are known to always offer awesome content that nearly everyone will enjoy.

In fact when I was a kid, I remember pretending I am a certain character in the movie. This is really silly to do, but as a child I liked pretending to do that.

If you are looking for awesome Pixar movies to watch that you have come to the right place.These two movies are great Pixar movies to watch that the whole family will love, and some of the top rated kids movies.

Monsters Inc


James Sullivan is one of the top Scarers at Monster, inc in the city of Monstropolis. He is one the best team in the company, along with Mike Wazowski, his station runner and coach. ScTop Rated Kids Movie
aring children is what gives Monstropolis the energy it needs for electricity. Randall Boggs works as a Scarer also and is Sully’s direct competitor, but can never seem to outscare Sully. 

One day after work, Sully realizes one of Randall’s doors is open. Upon examining this further, Sully finds a little girl escapes, that he calls “Boo”. Sully then discovered that kids are not toxic which the monsters were led to believe. 

Sully grows attached to this child and Mike Wazowski just wants to get rid of her. One day, after making her laugh, they discover that the laugh of a child emits more energy than a scream.

Meanwhile, the trio suspect that Randall is up to something. Can they foil his plot? Are there other monsters in league with him? 


Pixar never fails in making movies. I have never known them to make a movie that was a complete bomb. This movie gained $577 Million as the third highest grossing movie of 2001. It also was the best animated feature, but later lost to DreamWorks’ Shrek.

I would have to say that Pixar set the bar again and keeps topping themselves with coming out with better movies year after year. This movie deserves a 10 out of 10, and is on par with being as good as the Toy Story franchise. Do you agree?

Monsters University 


We are now at the long awaited prequel of the Monster’s Inc. In his childhood, Mike Wazowsk, is ignored and can’t find his partner for a school field trip for a field trip to MonstTop Rated Kids Movieser’s Inc. It is there that he dreams of working at Monster Inc. 

Fast forward to when Wazowski, is going to college at Monster University, he meets his roommate Randall Boggs. Wazowski is majoring in scaring and in class meets James Sullivan, who is pretty cocky and claims that since he came from a line of scarers he doesn’t need to study, but on the day of the finals he and Wozowski go head to head in a scaring duel. This leads to getting the attention of the dean and getting kicked out of the scaring program.

Wozowski plans to get readmitted to the scare program by making a deal with the dean, Hardscrabble, that if they win the Scare games, the whole team of his fraternity, Oozma Kappa, gets readmitted to the scare program. This means that he needs to learn teamwork with his rival, James Sullivan. 

Their new fraternity is full of nobodies and is seen as the laughing stock of the whole school. Will this team of underdogs come together and win as a team to get into the Scare program?


This movie grosses a $744.2 million out of $200 million. I would say that’s a huge box office success. I rate this movie a 9 out of 10, I felt the original was better, and are usually better than the next movies in the franchise.

This movie does teach a valuable lesson about teamwork and accepting our differences that is a great lesson for anybody to learn.  I have included below some fun Easter eggs to look for and characters for you to enjoy.


These are some top rated kids movies that I really enjoy and hope that you love them just as much as I do. Check out the Monster’s Inc franchise’s Wikipedia page.

These movies also inspire merchandise that children are known to enjoy, and also have inspired attraction at Disney Theme Parks, comic book, and video games. With that being said, it’s obvious why parents are willing to invest in Pixar because they offer family friendly entertainment.

What are some of your favorite characters in these movies? I would also love to hear your experience with these movies.

Be sure to check out the Disney+ series based on these films coming March 2020, Monsters at Work.

I hope you enjoyed this article and check out more of my Pixar articles. I really recommend checking out the article on the Toy Story Franchise. Please comment on this blog with any thoughts that you have. Please share, and follow me.

Top Rated Kids Movies

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