Some of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Story

Some of the Top Movies for Kids – Toy Story

These sets of movies have turned into classic movies that Pixar has made over the years. A lot of people love these movies because they offer wholesome entertainment. Your whole family is sure to be pleased by this whole series. These are also some of the top movies for kids that they will love.

This series begs the question that every child has to wonder about. What do toys do when I am gone? Imagine if toys came to life. What would go on in their day to day life?

This series of films is sure to open up everybody’s imagination and is definitely a fun film to watch, all the way from the first movie all the way to the last. The only thing that was unbearable about this series was how long it took between the release of the last couple of films.

These movies are meant to be watched in sequential order for the best entertainment value.

Get ready to experience much needed nostalgia as I take you into the Toy Story series.

Let me start this series with the theme song sung by a famous child singer that has millions of views on YouTube that you will find cute, especially the ladies.

Toy Story


Andy loves his toy Woody, but one day at his birthday party he gets a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, and begins to play with that toy more. Woody becomes jealous of all the time Andy is spending Some of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Storywith Woody and goes through several schemes to try and get rid of him.

We can see that jealousy is a dangerous path for Woody, as both toys end up at Sid’s house, the kid who blows up toys. Will Woody and Buzz put aside their differences to work together to try and get home? 


This movie is not only great to watch, but it has a great story about friendship and overcoming jealousy. I think that this a great movie that you and your family will love and will give you wholesome entertainment.

There are Easter eggs in this movie:

I give this movie a 10 out of 10, what do you give this movie? Because of the great success of this movie, it inspired many toys and video games that children love. With all the electronics of today, do children still play with toys?

I didn’t know that there were so many Toy Story based video games, I think that’s cool. You learn something new every day. 

This movie gained $373.6 Million at the box office.

If you haven’t seen the series, go out and watch the original.

Toy Story 2


Woody and Buzz have overcome their differences and become friends. Meanwhile, AndySome of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Story is going to cowboy camp and is planning to take Woody, but upon playing with him, Woody’s arm accidentally gets ripped and Andy doesn’t want to take him to camp anymore. So, his mom comes into his room and places Woody on the top shelf.

Woody encounters a neglected toy on the top shelf and then tries a daring rescue after that toy is taken to a yard sale and then Woody gets stolen by someone at the yard sale. 

Woody finds himself at Al’s Toy Barn where he encounters other toys, but are they friends or foes.

Will Woody’s friends be able to rescue him? Be sure to watch this movie to find out this ending. Chances are you already know what has happened. 



I’d say that this movie is as good as the original, so this movie gets a 10 out of 10.  We have some easter eggs in this film:


This film gained $497.4 Million at the box office.

Toy Story 3


Andy is growing up and no longer plays with his toys. Woody and hiSome of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Storys gang feel rejected. But, they realize that it is only natural that when kids grow up, they have no need to play with their toys.

Before he goes to college, he puts the toys in a trash bag and attempts to store them in the attic, but his mom mistakenly thinks that the bag is trash and takes it to the curb, but the toys escape. After this, they climb into a box meant to be donated to Sunnyside DayCare.

Woody tries to convince the toys that Andy doesn’t think that they are trash. But, they do not listen to him. 

The toys then later learn that the room that they are assigned at Sunnyside isn’t exactly ideal. After Mrs Potato Head realized where she left her eye, the toys discovered that Andy did not want them to be thrown out. The toys then launch a scheme to leave Sunnyside.


I give this movie a 10 out of 10. It has an emotional ending that people who are sensitive will love. Toy Story 3 was the first animated movie to gross over $1 Billion, making it the highest grossing animated film of all time. 

Here are some Easter Eggs to look out for.

Toy Story 4


Woody and the gang are at a new home, because Andy has grown up. Bonnie, the gang’s new child, doesn’t play with Woody as often as Andy did. Wood, feeling neglected and useless, goes with BonSome of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Storynie on her first day of kindergarten. At Kindergarten, Bonnie makes a new toy, Forky.

 After coming home, Forky is scared and wants to go back into the trash. Woody tries to help Forky overcome his fear of being away from the trash.

After going on a road trip with Bonnie, Woody is reminded of Bo Peep and wonders into Second Chance Antiques. But, after encountering another toy inside the antiques shop, Woody and Forky are forced to stay. But, Woody escapes and Forky is captured by one of the hunch men toys in the shop. 

Will Woody find Bo Peep? What about Forky? Woody and gang hatch a plan to find Forky. But, what obstacles will you face? I would tell you more in this review, but I think that watching the movie is more fun that having me spoiling it. This movie has quite the emotional ending that may even make grown men cry.


This is a great movie and has more humor in it than the previous movies. I highly recommend you see this movie. Pixar has stated there is a possibility for a fifth movie, but this is not confirmed.

This movie got $1.073 billion at the box office, which is $6 million more than its predecessor and the highest grossing movie of the series.

I’ve also included a video for neat easter eggs to look out for below.


These movies were really enjoyable for me to watch and had me feeling nostalgic. These movies are great for the whole family and some of the top movies for kids. I know that when I taught preschool the children loved these movies.

I write about Pixar and other great Disney that you can explore on my main post page. An example of an amazing Pixar movie that the whole family will love, is the movie, Inside Out.

In fact, I recently got 4 movies for $1 and the Toy Story titles are available. Pretty awesome, I’d say. These titles and more are available at Disney Movie Club.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these films and I would like to thank you for doing so. Please comment below, share this blog, and follow me.

Some of the Top Movies for Kids - Toy Story

18 thoughts on “Some of the Top Movies for Kids – Toy Story”

  1. Oh my goodness I love this post! I love Toy Story and Monsters INC. Two great movies with endearing topics. I love the song in toy story. The comedy is also pretty good. In my opinion this is a timeless kids show. I still see kids dressing up as Buzz for Halloween sometimes. I work in foster care and one of my families dressed a little newbie baby as Buzz recently so it really hasn’t lost it’s traction. Thanks for taking me down memory lane with your post! 

  2. I love Disney period. Pixar is one of my favorite too, it delivers such a good message to kids and all the characters are cute! Buzzlightyear is definitely my guy and of course slingy. I love how the boy grew up and donated his toys away, life lessons but the movie still yet bring joy to my heart every time. I haven’t see the latest one yet. Thanks for the synopsis, I will be watching Toy Story 4 with my nephews. 

  3. Let me start by saying toy story is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I like how you break down here in really short snippets about what it’s all about. A lot of different sites are going to give you probably a lot more in-depth opinions about the movie. Anyway here is kind of a one-stop-shop because you have all of the different movies altogether and you talk about everything about them. I think that it’s really good because trying to do research on the Internet is like trying to drink from the hose that’s connected to the ocean. So it’s good to know that there’s somebody who just wants to show you all the essentials and none of the fluff.


  4. What a fun post.  As a grandparent, I have watched all 4 of the Toy Story movies.  I enjoyed  Toy Story 1 the most because it was completely new.  I really don’t know why but my grandkids seem to like 4 the best.  I imagine it is because that’s the movie they have seen advertised.  At any rate, I have heard the “To infinity and beyond” far more than I need to.  I agree with your rating of 10 out of 10.  They are family friend and promote the idea of friendship.  In a gentle way, we learn that life is not always easy.  But, we also learn that everyone is valuable and has a place.  Thanks for your article.

  5. I found your article very useful and informative.I have learnt  a lot from your post.I really like the Disney Pixar movie.Its Highly recommennded.Walt disney has so many good movies to watch  like” You got a friend in me” and “Three easter eggs”

    Well thanks for sharing the kids  movie trailors and their reviews.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. AhhhH!!!! Love this post! I’ve been utterly obsessed with toy story ever since I’ve been a wee little child. The characters are all so animated and lively. As for TS being an animation for Kids, I couldn’t agree more. There are so many lessons to be taken away from this series, ones that kids ought to learn. Heck, I might even say it would be beneficial for some adults to learn these basic lessons! 

    Great post! Long live disney!!!! 😀 

  7. Hi Jordan,

    I appreciate your idea. That’s great and I can feel that the way you doing it for children whom you love. It’s not many people who do things they love and do it for someone special. Now a day the world become a business world and people are become more selfish. But seeing you create this website for kids and you’re also a pre-school teacher, I can feel that you are truly and really love the kids. I’m glad I’ve met this page and have a chance to know about you. I also love kids and I’m a Sunday School teacher. We live in refugee camp and we are not allowed to go outside the camp. Some kids who born in the camp, they hardly see the world outside. I wish they’ll have chance to watch these kind of movie and I wish they will have a chance to come and see Disney Land like kids who live in a wealthy country.  Thanks for your sharing.

    • I actually recently got out of the field due to financial circumstances, they don’t get paid great money in the US. I kind fell into it because people early childhood employers started calling me.

  8. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your top story and find it very helpful for babies.  Pixar is one of my favorite too, it delivers such a good message to kids and all the characters are cute! Buzzlightyear is definitely my guy and of course slingy. I work in foster care and one of my families dressed a little newbie baby as Buzz recently so it really hasn’t lost it’s traction. Thanks for taking me down memory lane with your post!

  9. Great movie reviews!  I have seen some of the films but there are a number I have not seen and this is very cool information.  I subscribe to the Disney + channel and now have unlimited access to all the Disney movies.  I am sure there are a ton more that I have not seen and will definitely come back this site to see what is worth watching.

  10. The Toy Story movies are some of the best animated movies ever made and my I never tire of watching them as well as my kids. It’s amazing how many of the toys and other collectibles still sell because of how popular the movies are! I even went to a Toy Story themed birthday party for a child and someone was dressed up as Woody and Buzz Lightyear and the kids as well as adults had a great time! Who’s your favorite character from Toy Story?

  11. Hello, I like your updates on these movies were really enjoyable for me to watch and had me feeling nostalgic. These movies are great for the whole family and some of the top movies for kids. I know that when I taught preschool the children loved these movies. My children love these movies too. Thanks for sharing.


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