Best Animated Movies for Kids

One of the Best Animated Movies for Kids – Inside Out

Parents are constantly looking for ways to entertain their kids. Especially, in colder climates in the Winter. It seems like more movies every year are becoming more and more raunchy, but Disney provides quality movies that the whole family will love. A lot of parents don’t want to expose their children to movies that are raunchy and have a lot of profanity in it.

Inside Out is one of the best animated movies for kids, but actually adults love it too. This movie explores the complexity of human emotions and thought.

Imagine emotions taking on their own personality. What does go on inside someone’s head? What are they thinking? Let us explore the wonderful world of emotion by watching this movie. This movie provides a colorful and fun answer to those questions.

This movie should be a requirement for Psychology and Human Psychology courses.

A few days ago, I decided to watch Inside Out. The weather was bitterly cold, enough to make polar bears freeze. This is a great movie in my opinion and has deep messages about emotions and realizing that we need all our emotions to be well rounded people.


Riley Anderson is an easy-going 11-year old girl born in Minnesota, but her emotions and world turns upside down after an unexpected move to San Fransisco. How will she react to the move? What is going on

Best Animated Movies for Kids inside her head?

As we look inside her head, her reactions are being controlled by Happiness, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness.

Everything is well inside Riley’s brain, until Sadness (Phyllis Smith), tries to help out by touching glowing orbs, or the emotions, which transforms the orbs to the color blue for sadness. Unfortunately for Sadness, she is seen as a bull in a China shop, because upon touching the orbs, she makes Riley sad.

Because of Sadness, everything spirals out of control and Happiness and Sadness are thrown from the control room into Long-Term Memory. They need to work together to get back to the control room. Will they be long forgotten? How will they work together? Watch this movie to find out.


Pixar seems to have hit another home run with this well-thought-out movie, proved by its 15 best picture and numerous other awards.

I absolutely loved this movie and think that it is probably in the top 10 Pixar movies of all time. If you don’t agree with me, please tell me your favorite Pixar movies?


I give this movie a 10/10, partly because Pixar movies never fail to be entertaining. This movie also has a great script and is well acted.

If you have seen this, what would you rate this?


If you have seen this movie comment below. What did you like? What was your favorite part?

If you have, not seen this movie, I strongly encourage to get this movie and watch it now. Your kids will thank you if you do.

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Inside Out



Best Animated Movies for Kids

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