The Despicable Me Movies in Order

The Despicable Me Movies in Order

You have made the right choice by clicking on this article. I hope that you are able to get the information you need to get updated on some great movies to watch. After reading this article, you will know have insider information about how to watch the Despicable Me movies in order.

Ok I realize this franchise is not Disney or any of its subsidiaries, but I, along with many people love it, so I will write about it.

Illumination Entertainment, a division of Universal Pictures, released these series of films in the last decade. These films are also widely popular and many people enjoy them. It is the highest animated film franchise in the box office for all time. Can you guess what it is? It is none other that the Despicable Me franchise.

Below, you will get a brief synopsis about the movie without spoilers. What would be the fun in giving you spoilers?

I am excited to give you information about how to watch the Despicable Me movies in order of their timeline. You are about to get great information about these fun movies to watch.



We cover the backstory of the little yellow henchmen that everyone loves. Throughout the ages, the Minions are able to find a boss, but keeping a boss is another story. The Minion

How to Watch the Despicable Me Movies in Orders tend to be loose canons and always make decisions that inadvertently kill their boss.

They come across one group of people that were not so forgiving. But, the Minions seek refuge in an empty cave. But, as time passes, the Minions become depressed because they do not have anyone to serve.

Fortunately, Kevin, hatches a plan to find a boss and recruits Stuart and Bob to help him. After wandering through a city looking for a boss, Bob ends up wandering into a department store. They see a commercial for Villian Con in Orlando on a TV when they end up staying there overnight.

When they end up at Villian Con, they hear a speech by Scarlett Overkill, the greatest villain of today, and the Minions end up being her henchmen.

Will the Minions finally keep this new boss? Watch this movie to find out the exciting ending.


Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 56%, but I have to give this movie an 80%. This movie does a pretty good job at giving the Minions a great backstory. I love seeing all the goofy actions of the Minions in their quest to find a new boss.

The Minions 2: Rise of Gru, a planned sequel set for July 3, 2020. I am super ecsatic to see tis movie.

Despicable Me


Gru (Steve Carrell) is a villain, who finds out that another mastermind stole the great pyramid of Giza. He plans to fulfill his purpose by stealing the moon accompanied with his

How to Watch the Despicable Me Movies in Orderminions.

Upon telling the minions his plan, his colleague, Dr Nefario, tells him that they cannot afford to do so. In order to accomplish this goal, Gru seeks to get a loan from the Bank of Evil. After getting denied a loan by Mr Perkins, Gru runs into the mastermind that stole the pyramid, Vector.

Thus begins the rivalry between Gru and Vector. Will Gru accomplish his goal in one-upping this super villain, and be successful in stealing the moon?

Gru is in the process of scheming about how to do so, but he ran into three obstacles. Gru is approach by three orphans and comes up with a plan to adopt the orphans and use them to steal technology from Vector.

This trailer is sure to suck you into this movie.


Rotten Tomatoes gives this film an 81%. I have to give this film a much higher rating at 90%. This film has some comedic humor in it and Steve Carell does a knock out job playing Gru.

There is also a nice story line to this movie. Can you guess what it is? Watch this movie to find out.

Despicable Me 2


Gru has become used to being a parent to three little girls and developed a soft spot. During Agnes’s birthday party, he even dresses up as a fairy godmother. I would say his villain days m

How to Watch the Despicable Me Movies in Orderay be behind him.

Lucy Wilde, a spy for the anti-villain league (AFL), confronts Gru and takes him against his will to the headquarters of the AFL. Silas Ramsbottom, leader of the AFL, tries to recruit Gru for the AFL after highly potent mutagen was taken by a giant flying magnet in the Arctic Circle.

Gru is teamed up with Lucy Wilde to investigate the villain behind this and to obtain the mutagen. Will they be successful?

Watch these hilarious Minions below as they introduce you to this movie.


Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 74%, but I have to give this movie an 85%. I felt like the original was the better movie, that is why I gave it that rating, though, it still has incredible humor to make you laugh and is sure to be a movie you will enjoy. I fell like this movie is also fun to watch because of the minions.

Despicable Me 3


Gru is back for another adventure. This time he is working for the AVL with his partner/wife Lucy. Balthazar Bratt, a child actor from the 1980s, steals a diamond. Lucy and Gru are tasked t

How to Watch the Despicable Me Movies in Ordero retrieve the diamond, but they fail the first time and are fired by the newest AVL boss.

After being fired, Gru gets approached by a stranger telling him that Gru’s twin brother wants to meet him. Surprised by this, Gru travels to Freedonia with his family to meet his twin brother Dru.

Dru hopes that Gru will teach him all about being a villain, but Gru has another plan to team up with Dru to retrieve the diamond, so that he and Lucy can get their jobs back.

How will Gru accomplish his newest mission, while being a parent to three girls?

This trailer will give you more information about the plot of this movie. This movie is also the last in the despicable me movies in order


Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 59%, and I have to say I agree with this ranking, even though this movie did better in the box office that the first two. This movie wasn’t as thrilling as the previous two and lacked great story line ideas. A main reason why this movie was great was because of the minions.

Will there be a fourth movie?

As of September 2017, the CEO of Illumination Entertainment said that there is a fourth movie is in development, but the planned release date is not known yet.


These movies sure are fun to watch and are awesome clean movies to show your kids. You now have all the information to watch the Despicable Me movies in order. 

Some more movies that I am excited to recommend that you will love is Coco.

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Do you want to learn more about the Despicable Me franchise? Go over to their wikipedia page.

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The Despicable Me Movies in Order

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