Are you looking for Good Family Movies to Watch? The Cars Franchise is one of Pixar's Top Franchises. Your Whole Family Will Love This Series.

Good Family Movies – Cars

If you want to hear about some Pixar movies that are worth watching, you have come to the right place. Pixar makes some amazing movies that are becoming classics. Along with the fun plot, there is almost always a great message that you can apply to your life. These movies are some good family movies that you can watch that I guarantee you will love.

I decided that it would be great to re watch some of the best Disney/Pixar movies. This trilogy that I decided to write about is a well-known Pixar series.

So get ready to immerse yourself in an adventure on route 66 to the town of Radiater Springs. Almost everyone enjoys the Cars Movie Series.

I will tell you a brief synopsis of thees movies without spoilers. Besides, what would be the fun in giving you spoilers? You just have to watch the full movie to determine if you like it.

Good Family Movies - CarsCars – Synopsis

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is his own car. His cocky attitude leads him him to blow first race for the Piston Cup, because he is a one man show and doesn’t rely on anyone. This does bite him in the butt when he refuses to get a much-needed tire change, which results in him almost blowing the race after his tires blow out. Thankfully his tongue saves him, which leads to a three-way tie.

You will understand this when you watch the movie. Upon an interview about the race, he enrages his pit team after claiming that he is a one man show, which leads to his team quitting. It seems that Lightning needs a lesson in teamwork.

The three-way tie is to be broken in a final race in California. After going many miles in his trailer, Mac, the semi, drifts to sleep and hits rumble strips along the side of the road, which leads to one of Lightning’s trophies falling on the lever to open the hatch to the trailer. This leads to Lightning falling out of the trailer onto the interstate. Once Lightning wakes up, he scrambles to find Mac.

After driving miles down the road after the wrong semi, Lightning happens to enter Radiater Springs, where he encounters interesting people and finally learns the value of friendship and teamwork.

You have to watch the movie to find out this epic conclusion.

Cars – Review

Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 74%, but I give this movie a 100%. This movie has great visual elements and a great story line lesson

Cars 2 – Synopsis

good family moviesFinn McMissle, a British spy, discovers an oil reserve and upon being discovered, flees and fakes his own death.

Francisco Bernoulli, an Italian race care, challenges Lightning McQueen, who is now a four-time Piston cup champion. But, this time the races are everywhere around the world is known as the World Grand Prix, which is created by Sir Miles Axlerod.

Miles Axlerod invents Allinol, an environmentally friendly fuel, that is now used by racers in the World Grand Prix. Will Allinol be a success or failure?
A group of lemon cars have a plan to secure oil profits, headed up by the mastermind. They hope to do this by destabilizing the use of Allinol using an electromagnetic pulse disguised as a camera.

While at a meeting with the press, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), Lightning’s best friend, is mistaken as a spy and is implanted with a mysterious package to his undercarriage about the identity of the mastermind. Who is this mastermind?

This trailer below will hopefully give you more information about this movie and pique your interest.

Cars 2 – Review

Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 39%. I have to agree with this rating, because I feel like that Pixar made this story line hard to follow and over complicated, because of the secret agent scheme. Like most sequels, this doesn’t positively compare to the original.

Unfortunately, I think that this movie is a flop. Do you agree with me? You should definitely check out the other Cars movies. They are so much better, though nothing beats the original.

Fortunately for the Cars series, Cars 3 is redeeming.

Cars 3 – Synopsis

Is Lightning McQueen washed up? This movie starts going back to its original roots of racing. Everything is going good, with Lightning McQueen dominating the racetrack until the next generation of high tech races come in the scene. Jackson Storm, one of these new rookies, giv

good family movieses Lightning a run for his money and is much faster than the older generation race cars. Unfortunately, because of this, many of the older generation race cars are forced into retirement or fired to make room for these new generation high tech cars.

Because Lightning desperately wants to win, he blows out his tires trying to catch Storm. He is simply not fast enough. After the accident, he goes back to recover in his sweet home of Radiator Springs.

But, Lightning refuses to give up. He is determined to compete with Jackson Storm, leading to the Rust-eze owners selling the company to Sterling to open a state of the art training facility for McQueen. Sterling then assigns Cruz Ramirez to train him.

Will Lightning be successful in his efforts to make a comeback? This story may have a twist at the end, so be sure to watch this movie.

Watch the following trailer to get hooked into this movie.

Cars 3 – Review

Rotten Tomatoes gives this movie a 68%, which is considerably higher than the last Cars movie. I have to say that this movie is redeeming from the last one, because it went back to its roots and did not have a complicated story line.

I gives this rating a 70%. Even though this movie was a lot better, I feel like its hard to rate this movie better than the original.


This franchise is one of the highest grossing animated franchise. In fact, Cars, along with the spin off, Planes, is the eighth-highest grossing animated franchise.

Is this the end to the beloved Cars franchise. There may be a fourth Cars, according to cinema blend.

If you love this post, I guarantee you will love The Incredibles.

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I’d like to hear from you. So please answer these questions:

What is your favorite Cars movie?
What is your favorite Cars character?
What rating would you give each of these movies?

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Are you looking for Good Family Movies to Watch? The Cars Franchise is one of Pixar's Top Franchises. Your Whole Family Will Love This Series.

20 thoughts on “Good Family Movies – Cars”

  1. Over a year ago we stayed at Disney World Art of Animation.  Loved the Cars landscape layout.  We probably walked around and spent a good hour taking pictures of everything.  This movie is Really an incredible work of  animation!  Owen Wilson is def one of my favorite actors, and no disappointment in this film either.  I am so glad that Disney has online streaming now too!  

  2. I am a big fan of Pixar movies. It is so true that they make really outstanding stories that teach principles that can be applied to our lives. Cars just so happens to be one of the most exciting trilogy I ever saw. 

    However, the second chapter, as you mentioned, wasn’t as expected. But thankfully, pixar did justice to the third part.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I like Pixar, they make some really nice and sweet movies. Cars is a good movie, and I love Owen Wilson, he is a good actor, and he is funny! It’s a pity that Cars 2 didn’t do so well, but that often happens with sequels. Not always, but the risk of the sequel being less good or less funny or interesting is always there. I’m glad that Cars 3 had more success again. Probably because they went back to their roots, like you mentioned, giving the viewers what they loved about the first movie. You can’t change a storyline too much and then change the whole concept, it will chase the original viewers away. I guess that they tried a different route with Cars 2 and it didn’t work out. Cars 1 is the one I saw, and I really enjoyed that one. I have not seen the other two yet. 

  4. I am a big fan of the Cars series from Pixar, I am so glad that the studios have started to make cartoons that are more enjoyable for us parents as well. I have to disagree with the rating from Cars 2, however. Although it was not as good as the first movie, I still enjoyed it and have watched it multiple times. I actually like it a little more than the third movie, though I liked that one as well. Thank you for sharing, it was nice to go down memory lane.

  5. Hi! I agree with you! Pixar does awesome movies. And if I have to choose one from these three I’d definitely choose the original Cars. The message of friendship and teamwork being highlighted at the end of the movie is so well transmitted. My kid likes to watch this film over and over again. And I also enjoy it every while in then.

    It was nice to read this review of all three movies. Thank you very much!

  6. Rule #1.  Never listen to Rotten Tomatoes.  The Cars series were awesome.  Lightening was my daughters favorite character.  Mine was Doc just because Paul Newman is a favorite actor of mine.  I believe there will be more Cars movies.   I give all of them an A+.  But my favorite of course is the first one.  Nothing ever beats the first movie.  This was a great read.

  7. these movies are great and they have a big place in my heart, the best thing with Pixar is that they are good for kids AND adults, they have wonderful humor and the art style is so fantastic.

    I remember the first time I saw Finding Nemo and that was the first time I understood that these movies are really good and are in no way only for kids.

    I think the same about Cars and thank you for bringing me back to some great times in the cinema 

  8. I really loved it, I understand it delivered a great moral lesson to my kids. For the 2nd movie, I really enjoyed the dialog (Adults only accessible jokes are welcomed when bringing your kids to the theater) and it was easier to keep my guys quiet to watch it.

    The last one was very nice… The come-back of a legend. We get back to the first movie by showing to the world a lesson of humility and the benefits of persisting on a single goal in mind.

    Thanks for reminding me about these movies, I really enjoyed reading your post an I spect you to get to your goal first as Rayo MacQueen always knew to do.

  9. Thank you for your post, which reminds me my favorite American computer-animated road-comedy film. I have been busy with my online business and no time to follow the associate movie series.

    I am so happy to see that this is not the end of the beloved cars franchise. As you mentioned, there may be a fourth Cars. If it is real, I will definitely go to watch it. I sincerely wish that Cars could continue with fifth, sixth, and more.

    It is kind of you sharing this entertaining information with us. Please continue following them and let us know the progress in the field.

  10. Thanks for the great reviews. My favorite cars movie is defiantly the first. I seem to always like the original. My favorite character is defiantly owens character.  I would give the first movie a 5 out of 5 and the rest 4 out of 5. Nothing ever tops the first in my opinion. Thanks for the great reviews.


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