Disney Movies on DVD

Disney Movies on DVD

Who doesn’t love Disney, it offers great entertainment and is a media giant. I know that when, I was in education all the kids loved Disney movies and were decked out in all the Disney gear.

A while ago, I stumbled upon a place online where I can get 4 DVD’s for 1$. This seems like a steal of a deal and let me tell you it is an awesome deal. If you are like me, you want to get Disney movies on DVD or BluRay.

You are probably looking for wholesome entertainment that you and your kids will love, if you have kids, or maybe you’re just like collecting Disney movies. Just go over to the Disney Movie Club where you can get these movies.


You initially get 4 Disney movies for $1, and then you have to buy 5 Disney movies at regular non member price on the website within 2 years and after that requirement is completed, you get awesome discounts on new movies and old movies at a really low price.

You also get a featured title offer mailed to you every week. Just go into your account when you get it, decline it, or select another title.

However, if you do nothing, you are shipped the title and billed. This can count toward your commitment of 5 movies.

This deal also offers great value if your internet is slow and you can’t do Disney+, or maybe you are going on a family vacation and will not have access to the internet and want to watch awesome Disney movies. If you have kids may I recommend great movies that the family will love, like the Cars, Toy Story, or Monster’s Inc franchises.


Just like anything, there is a drawback. Before you complete the initial requirement of buying 5 movies 2 years, you could end up spending $5- 10 more per movie, but given the initial 4 movies for $1 is worth it if you do the math.

But, I want to let you know that if you cancel before the end of your 5 movie commitment, you are billed for the initial 4 movies

I have also done the math between Walmart and Disney Movie Club.

Disney Movies on DVD

So you can see from the above graph that you experience savings for achieving VIP status within the DMC, along with other benefits.

As the graph above says, when you get VIP status you get savings on Disney releases. They also give you exclusive extras, VIP weekly deals and collector pins.

Some of the VIP deals in the past have been 3 Blu Rays for $30, Buy 1 get your second 40% off and 20% off your entire order. Cool huh.

Ask any questions in the comments and I will get back to you.

Try the Disney Movie Club, by clicking on the banner below. You won’t be disappointed. Give it a try and get up to VIP for even more savings.

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In case you need more reviews to solidify your decision. One fan writes.

Disney Movies on DVD


Disney Movies on DVD

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Disney Movies on DVD

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