Animated Movies for Kids - Coco

Animated Movies for Kids – Coco

Do you love Pixar movies? They are not just for children, they are great for adults too. Pixar movies are one of my favorite. They are totally clean and enjoyable to watch. Movies are a great way to de-stress from many mundane tasks of everyday life. If your looking for animated movies for kids, you have come to the right place

Kids are busy and this movie is sure to entertain them. If you have a kid I guarantee they will love this movie.

A while ago, I went to see the movie Coco alone. Someone recommended it to me. I thought this movie would be lame, but this was Pixar’s latest masterpiece. Almost any Pixar movie is worth seeing.

So I braved the snow that plagues Michigan 4 months out of the year and drove 15 up the highway to the theaters. If your movie theater has a loyalty program, be sure to sign up and register, don’t forget like I keep doing.

I no longer have to worry about being crammed into a seat, because our theater recently upgraded to luxury seating. It also has a bar that opens in the afternoon if you want a drink. I wouldn’t suggest drinking at the bar if you bringing your kids though. LOL.

If you have children, be sure to bring them to see Pixar’s new latest and greatest movie, Coco.


The story begins with a father abandoning his wife and child to pursue music. By the way, I wouldn’t recommend you do that.

Animated Movies for Kids - Coco

Generations have passed and a little boy has a dream of being a musician, even though his family strictly forbids it. Miguel, who is around 12, aspires to be like legendary singer Ernesto de la Cruz. He tries to play in a talent show to prove himself, but seeks to find another guitar after his grand mother smashes it.

He then enters the spirit world to try to find Ernesto de la Cruz to give him his blessing. I won’t reveal too much here, you’ll have to see the movie for yourself. Is Miguel searching for a blessing in the wrong place? Who really is Ernesto de la Cruz?


I highly recommend going to see this movie. It is definitely a safe movie to bring children to and has an uplifting underlying story about family and chasing your dreams. If your theater has a bar, though, don’t drink too much.

I love Pixar movies, and I’m an adult. Yes, I feel like that is OK.

Need more convincing to see this movie. This trailer is sure to win you over.

IMDB gives Coco an 8.9/10 but I would have to argue that Coco deserves a 10/10. It was one of those movies that dominated the Box Office when it was in theaters.

I urge you to check this movie out. Your family will love it, you can even watch it alone (that’s not pathetic, I did). You will absolutely love it, because I know that a lot of people love Pixar movies.

Animated Movies for Kids - Coco


This is just one of the newest great movies out there. Watching movies is one of the greatest past times. In College, I used to watch a lot of movies in a row with my friends to pass time. I remember one Saturday, I watched three movies in a row at the movie theaters. So, sit back and relax after a long hard week at work and watch a movie.

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Animated Movies for Kids - Coco

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